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The Best Online Data Entry Jobs from Home in 2018 - Ultimate Guide

Home data entry jobs online

If you are a college student and in dire search of part-time income then you have landed on the right page. Here we have collected best Data Entry jobs available in the community.
Online Data Entry jobs are a perfect source of income from the luxury of your house only. These jobs don’t need any formal educational background as prerequisite knowledge, the person just needs to be familiar with basic options of MS-office and must have a decent typing speed to complete assignments within the stipulated time. Most employers expect a certain basic skill set like typing speed of 25-30 WPM (words per minute) and should be able to read Basic English along with doing a little research on the topic. It doesn’t matter whether your a retired person, underage person or even ambitious housewife, if are determined enough to work from home then data entry jobs are the way to go.
There are different types of Data Entry jobs are required by various clients. A data entry operator must be skilled in at least one of the given domain to be able to work efficiently in the assigned project.  very diverse and a data entry worker needs to specialize in one given domain. Doesn’t worry we have assembled list down all types of data entry jobs and remunerations depending upon the type of work.

1. Plain Data Entry Jobs
In this type of Data entry jobs just involves typing words into a writing software. Here, You have to read from a PDF document or an image file and write it into a Word document. For this, you need to have basic English reading and writing skills along with a decent typing speed. You will get paid 10-20 INR per page in this type of data entry job.
2. Other Basic Typing Jobs
Here you have to work with Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. No further technical knowledge is required for it, you just have to fill cells with data provided separately. The job is very simple and you can easily get around 50-100 INR per hour basis, well the faster you type the higher the rate goes.
3. Word Processor or Typist
These type of job needs a little technical knowledge. Here you need to create charts, bar graph, pie charts letterheads, mailing labels, reports etc. You must have accurate grammar skills and rich vocabulary to do this job. Well, most of the time employers of such kind of work groomed the employees after hiring them.
4. Cleaning of Data
These type of data entry jobs are also known as data cleansing or data scrubbing work. Here you have to detect and delete/modify any ambiguous data from a table or a database. It requires basic level knowledge of both Ms word and Ms excel spreadsheet.  The payment of this kind of jobs is little higher than plain typing jobs. For regular data entry jobs, you get paid according to your experience and accuracy.
5. Online Form Filling
In online form filling jobs, you will be given an online form and a chunk of data separately. You have to enter the provided data into the specific fields in the online form carefully. The most important thing in this job is accuracy, if you filled wrong data in the wrong field then you are creating an ambiguous data entry and you will be fired immediately if caught.
6. Online Survey Job
Here, you just to answer a few simple questionnaires about various aspect of life etc. And also filled different types of survey forms provided for the survey. The payment of these tasks is much better than simple typing jobs because the companier needs customers feedback so they could improve their product.
7. Captcha Entry Jobs
If you have a little knowledge of internet, then you must have been to the world of captchas. Basically, these are a type of security protocols to implied to ensure that only humans can access a site. Captchas are images containing texts, number or alphanumeric data to the differentiate between spamming bots and genuine humans accessing the site.
You have to solve thousands of Captchas every single day. There is no upper limit how much you can earn per day. The payments are made with respect to the number of captchas solved.
8. Copy & Paste Job
In these type of jobs, you just have to copy data from one file and paste it into a different one. It is usually required to have installed on the machine to do this work. The payment is not that high but even noobie can work on these jobs. You don’t have to type much but you have to read a lot hence knowledge of English is important.
 9. Captioning
Captioning is not for beginners, it requires more skills and advanced language basics because here you have to write headings and captions for different articles, pictures, or news headlines. Major jobs of this kind are required by the media publishing houses. These jobs are rare to find and have high paying rate per hour.
10. Formatting and Editing Job
Here in this kind of job first you must acquire a good grip on English grammar because you will be responsible for all kinds of mistakes in the document including spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes too. You also have to need accurate editing skills to make the article flawless. Formatting jobs are more about knowledge of English and grammar over typing skills.
11. Audio to Text
Here, you have to listen to an audio file provided to you and then write the conversations or recordings into a text matter. It needs good interpreting skills as well as good typing skills. This is a bit advanced and only meant for professional part-timers. Moreover, your hold over the English language must be good to enable you to understand every word accurately.
12. Medical Coding
If you are a medical student or a pharmacy graduate, this job is perfect for you guys. Here, you have to transform healthcare diagnosis, procedures, medical services into alphanumeric codes. Normal people from different background can’t do these due to an absence of field knowledge.
These type of jobs are very hard to find these days. Paying rate is also much higher in these type of job.
13. Email Processing
This is one of the highest paying data entry job available right now in the market. Here, you have to process different types of emails on daily basis to scrap their original content and then make a list in an Excel spreadsheet.
14. Updating Database
Here you update any kind of existing database with a new set of updated data. These database contains various fields like Name, Addresses, Phone no, email ID etc for various industries.
15. Entering Data into Web-Based System
In this type of data entry job, you have to fill data into a web-based hosts from different kinds of product catalogs. You have to fill legal departments or insurance claims, number, owner’s name, contact details etc and pen it down into a word document. These jobs are mainly done offline rather online.
16. Content Writing
These type of jobs requires long hours to research according to your client's needs and deliver the required content within a stipulated time. The article could be used for various sites or even blogging platforms. Here basically payment is done with respect to a number of words you're penning down for the client.

Finally, there are also lots of various customized data entry jobs are available, where you have to work according to your employers need. Rates and work hours will be negotiated according to situations and deadlines.  In most situation, employers are likely to provide a small basic training or guidance to the work efficiently. Most of these jobs are offline base and have to be physically available in the client's area of work.
Below are some of the famous sites to find freelance data entry work available in the market right now.
At last but no the least, As someone who is doing Freelancing for more than 5 years, I have seen my share of scams in this business. According to a research Data entry jobs are one of the most common method used to unsuspecting freelancers. Generally these are those jobs where you have to make a security deposit or pay beforehand is not genuine.
Few basic rules to get by to avoid scammed in these jobs are :

  1. Do a extensive research before joining any company based work. Check the rating of the company on
  2. Never accept any kind of lock-in contract with unexpectable high salary.
  3. Try to make a formal agreement or draft a employment contract, mentioning every part of the deal.
  4. If you are asked to buy a work manual before any concrete proof of salary then you definitely walking into a scam.
Thats it, with these points in mind and your best judgement you are prepared to choose any one of above-mentioned data entry jobs and specialize in it.

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